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Wiami FX-11 Plus
Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Auto Dust Collection

Ultraviolet Cleaning

2700 Pascal Suction Power

Thanks to its high suction power, the Fx-11 Plus robot vacuum cleaner easily sweeps dust and debris in your home.

FX-11 Plus

Take time for yourself while Fx-11 Plus cleans your house.

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Automatic Dust Collection

The dust collection unit with a capacity of 4.3 liters empties the accumulated dust on its own with the automatic fill and empty system.


Ultraviolet Cleaning

Hygiene standard thanks to improved UV technology  provides protection against bacteria by keeping it at the highest level.


360° Scanner LDS

With the laser navigation system, you can draw the sketch of your house and provide cleaning without damaging your belongings.


2-in-1 Cleaning

The 250ml tank capacity, which can perform vacuum and mopping operations together, allows you to save time allocated for cleaning.

Thanks to the FX-11 Plus smart robot vacuum cleaner, which can be charged by going to the charging station on its own and empty the dust container to the station automatically, you do not even need to touch your hand for cleaning.

FX-11 Plus, which can detect obstacles thanks to its various sensors, provides an uninterrupted cleaning service. All you have to do is start the cleaning program from the Wiami Home Technology app on your smartphone.

Fx-11 Plus provides protection against invisible threats by destroying bacteria and viruses thanks to ultraviolet lamps placed close to the floor.

hf 3png-2.png

The Wiami Airfryer prepares your favorite deep-fried dishes for you using just a teaspoon of oil.

You can use the frying modes on the touch screen or adjust the temperature and heat settings exactly as you wish, or you can try ready-made recipes via the smartphone application.

The Wiami AirFryer 4.5L is also easy to clean. You can wash the fryer's cooking apparatus and cooking chamber in the dishwasher.

Wiami AirFryer 4.5L
Oil Free Fryer

RapidAir Technology

Healthy Meals

App Recipes

Rapid Air Technology


Thanks to the Rapid Air Technology, if you remove the bowl and put it back on, the food will continue to be fried instantly from the heat it has left.


Application Recipes

You can use 50 recipes in the Wiami Home Technology application, set a timer or receive cooking notifications.


Fat Free and Healthy

Enjoy your favorite stir-fries using very little oil. Now you can eat the fries to their heart's content without worrying about their harm.


Easy Cleaning

Wiami 4.5L AirFryer and cooking utensils are dishwasher safe. In addition, residues are easily cleaned after cooking due to the use of minimal amount of oil.

Latest model
Wiami Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Wiami FX-10

FX-11 Plus

With a suction power of 3000 Pa, the FX-10 leaves you no room to clean.  

With its high suction power, FX-10 is your most reliable assistant for cleaning dust and residues.


Having an ultraviolet cleaning feature, FX-10 not only sweeps dust but also neutralizes harmful particles brings.

Thanks to the LDS and SLAM system capable of 360° scanning, it detects objects that have moved and updates its map.

Wiami FX-8

FX-11 Plus

Thanks to its remote control, the Fx-8 provides ease of use for everyone.

Thanks to its stylish design and control support that makes it easy to use, the FX-8 has exactly the features you need.

With 2400 Pa suction power and 2-in-1 cleaning features, FX-8 is the price performance product you are looking for.

Enjoy the comfort of cleaning by starting the cleaning either via the remote control or the application.

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