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  • Wheel or side brush not turning.
    Check the wheels and side brush. Remove any jammed object. You can easily remove the side brushes and clean them.
  • The map is not created.
    Charge your robot to full capacity. Set the vacuum level to the lowest option and start the cleaning. Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is strong throughout your home.
  • Do you mind if the device stays on charge?
    There is no problem in keeping the device charged. In fact, the intended use is for charging the device. If you do not intend to use the device for a long time, you should completely discharge the device before storing it in its box.
  • The robot does not transfer dust to the station.
    Clean the chute and hopper mouth at the rim of the station and the bottom of the cabinet. If the dust bag is deformed or there is a large stuck object, replace the bag.
  • The robot does not reach the desired area.
    Start the cleaning of the robot from the charging stand and do not change its place by intervening manually during the cleaning. Changing the location of the charging stand or manually relocating the device will prevent the navigation and mapping functions from working as intended.
  • Low suction power.
    Don't forget to do your regular HEPA filter, main brush, side brush and bowl cleaning. You should clean the HEPA filter once a week and replace it every 6 months. You need to clean the main brush, side brush and chamber every 2 weeks and replace these parts depending on usage.
  • The robot does not delete.
    Do not use detergent or vinegar in the water tank. Use only by adding water to the water tank. Do the channel cleaning by inserting a needle into the 3 water outlet channels at the bottom of the wiping and sweeping chamber. Press and hold the reset button on the bumper of the robot for 5 seconds and then turn on the device.
  • It stops shortly after running.
    Uninstall device, delete data and disconnect via app. Then reinstall.
  • It keeps vacuuming the same place or cannot find the charging stand.
    Start cleaning from the charging stand and switch to automatic mode via the app or remote (FX-7).
  • There is noise from the main brush.
    Residues entangled in the main brush should be cleaned regularly. Make sure that the main brush holder and the brush itself are clean and start the robot.
  • The map has been deleted or corrupted.
    Select your current map from the registered maps section of the application. Delete the corrupted map and start the mapping process by restarting the device from the charging stand.
  • The robot is not charging.
    Make sure the magnetic charging electrodes on the cradle and robot are clean. Wipe the electrodes with a damp or dry cloth.
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