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Wiami A2 Smart Tracking Device


Wiami A2 itag smart tracker will make your life much easier. Thanks to the A2 tracking device placed on vehicles such as cars, bicycles or motorcycles, you will have the chance to find your vehicle in case of theft. The battery life of the A2 is approximately 8 months and the battery can be easily replaced by the user.

You can prevent the loss of your valuables with an A2 that you place in your luggage while traveling. You can also prevent your furry friends from getting lost by attaching them to your pet's collar.


Apple ''Find My'' App

Wiami A2 itag works on iPhone model phones through the official "Find" application developed by Apple. You can follow up or set a reminder through this application. Thanks to the reminder feature, you can receive notifications from your phone if you move away from your A2 device. In order to detect the exact location of the device, you can send a command from the application and play a high-pitched warning sound.


Battery Life: 8 Months
Battery Information: 210mAh/ CR2032
Color Options: White & Black
Dimensions: 35 x 40 x 7 mm
Weight: 7.8g

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