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Wiami 8-Piece AirFryer Accessory Set

Varlık 4 (2).png

Cake Mold

Enjoy easy cake making in your cupcake pan fryer.
Height: 18.5cm

Varlık 5.png

Pizza Mold

Effortlessly prepare delicious homemade pizzas using the pizza tin.
Diameter: 14cm

Varlık 3.png

Cupcake & Egg Mold

With this mold, you can prepare mini cakes or cook boiled eggs in the deep fryer.
Diameter: 16cm

Varlık 1.png

Circular Grill

In the same basket with the grill, you can make meatballs on top while your fries are cooking at the bottom.
Length: 20cm

Varlık 2.png

Grill with Skewers

Enjoy your deep-fried meat or chicken skewers using these 4 skewers. 
Length: 20cm

Varlık 6.png


It is often necessary to turn the food in the fryer halfway through cooking. These tongs, which do not damage the basket surfaces, will be very useful for you.

Varlık 3 (2).png


You can use the brush while preparing your meals. You can use this brush when you want to add a small amount of oil to the food cooked with the AirFryer. 

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Baking Paper

100 pieces of cooking paper comes together with the accessory set. With these papers, you can keep the chamber cleaner, especially when cooking foods that leave oil.

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