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Wiami Sports Glasses SGX-1


Much More Than Just a Sunglasses


Call Answering

You can accept or end calls by tapping the control key on the right twice. To reject calls, hold down the control key for a few seconds. After the call is completed or rejected, the music you are listening to will continue from where it left off.


Press control buttons twice to start
listening to music. The volume can be
adjusted or you can switch to the previous
or next song by using the control buttons.


Voice Assistant

You can directly command the voice assistant application on your phone by activating the voice assistant feature with the control keys. All you have to do is touch the control key 4 times and give the command you want. This feature may vary depending on phone brand, model and update versions.


Maximize your listening quality by selecting the equalizer setting you want via the Wiami app. In addition to the preset equalizer settings, you can also create your own settings.


Last Known

If you forgot where you left your glasses, it is possible to view the last connected location from the application.

Battery Capacity

Wiami Smart Sunglasses are charged
ith the special magnetic charging cable that comes with the product. It reaches a full charge in 2 hours and provides up to 10 hours of use.

40 copy.png

Protective Case 

You can keep your glasses clean and protected by using the protective case and cleaning cloth that comes with the product.


Weight: 43g
Battery: 130mAh
Dimensions: 12.8 x 18.5 cm
Voltage rating: DC 5V - 130mA
Frame Material: TR90
Lens Material: TAC

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