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Wiami FX-8 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Although there is no Fx-8 Wi-Fi connection, it is possible to use comfortably with the keys on remote 
presents. It also works without a Wi-Fi connection.


With its separate dust and water tank chambers, it can sweep if you wish.


Average Power: 28 W
Suction Power: 2400 Pa
Powder Tank Capacity: 500 ml
Water Tank Capacity: 300 ml
Filter Type: HEPA
Remote control

Charging Time: 6 hours
Battery Capacity: 14.4V, 2600mAh Lithium battery
Sound Power Level: 62-68 dB depending on the mode it works
Climbing Feature: 15° - 20mm

3 Ground Scanning Sensors - 2 Anti-Collision Sensors
6 x Charging Station Docking Sensors - 1 x Gyroscope
11 Wall Tracking Sensors - 1 Fan Speed Sensor
1 Piece Chamber Sensor  - 2 Pieces Odometer


Engine Stages: Quiet, Standard, High
Saving cleaning data

Robot Size: 330.5 x 329 x 70.2 mm
Robot Weight: 2.36 kg
Charging Station Size: 145 x 140 x 98 mm
Color Options: White - Black

Wiami Smart Robot Cleaner FX-8

  • Although the Fx-8 does not have a Wi-Fi connection, it offers comfortable use with the keys on the remote . It also works without a Wi-Fi connection.

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