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Wiami Steam AirFryer 10.5L


French Fries Are Not
Troublesome Anymore

To fry potatoes with the Wiami AirFryerall you have to do is put the potatoes in the hopper and select french fries program from the screen.

Easy to Use with Ready-to-Fry Programs


1L Water Tank Capacity

You can turn on the SteamFry feature by adding water to the 1L capacity reservoir
on the top of the device.

By selecting the SteamFry feature, the
food you cook will be cooked in SteamFry mode, , in steam, instead of AirFryer mode.


If you want, you can run both AirFry and SteamFry functions at the same time. In this way, the outside of the food will be crispy thanks to the AirFry feature, while the inside of the food will remain soft as it will be steamed with the SteamFry feature.


 Cooking Programs

Thanks to the cooking programs on the touch screen panel, you can easily fry various foods such as Potato, Chicken, Meat, Fish, Pastry.

Apart from these programs, you can also create your own programs by using the time and temperature setting panels on the right and left.


Say Goodbye to
Traditional Deep Fryers

The Wiami AirFryer will become one of the indispensables of your kitchen, as it prepares healthier meals using very little oil and is easy to clean after use.

You can wash the frying basket and drawer in the dishwasher.


Ready Cooking Programs:
Potatoes, Chicken, Fish, Meat, Pizza, Vegetables, Eggs and Bread.
Manual Temperature and Time Setting
AirFry, SteamFry and AirFry + SteamFry Cooking Functions
1.15 Liter Water Tank Capacity


Weight: 9.1 Kg
Product Dimensions: 329 x 362 x 361 mm
Color Options: White
Average Power: 1550 Watt AirFry & 900 Watt SteamFry

Operating Voltage and Frequency: 220-240 V & 50/60 Hz 

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