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Installing and Using Oil-Free Fryers

For Wiami AirFryer 4.5L  and 3.5L ModelsInstallation Instructions

1. Before operating the device, clean the device using a damp cloth or soft sponge. You can also remove the basket and wash it in the dishwasher. After cleaning and drying the device, you can plug it in and start the installation. 

2. From the right of the device, so as not to block the air

outlets, flat with a space of 10 cm from the left and over

position it on a floor. on the device

Do not place items.

3. The device is in standby mode as soon as you plug it

in opens. By pressing the power key once the device

gets ready to work. You can start frying with control

panelYou can use the programs or set the temperature and time using the keys you want.



4. To use the device with the app, download the Wiami Home Technology smartphone app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store after clicking the links below or scanning the QR code.

Apple App Store App:

Google Play Store App:

5. Open Wiami Home Technology app and add account.

Account using phone number or email address

you can create.

6. After creating an account, you can start adding devices.

First, give permission from the Bluetooth access section and

then select your fryer model.

7. Press and hold the Power key for about three second. Take your

hand off after you hear the warning sound. At the end of this

process you will see theWi-Fi icon flashing fast. If Wi-Fi icon is not

quickly flashing, hold it down for three seconds again. Wait for the

warning sound. By doing this you can get into pairing mode.

Then press and hold the power button again for 3 seconds and

make sure the Wi-Fi icon is flashing fast. 

8. After completing the application installation, you can browse the recipes. In this way, you can discover what you can fry with the AirFryer, or you can set a frying program to start at a later time by using the timer feature.

9. In order for your device to operate at its intended efficiency, it must be regularly maintained. You should clean the basket after each use. Every month, clean the heating unit inside the device with a soft sponge or a damp cloth that will not damage the coating, and make sure it is dry before use. Otherwise, the residues accumulating in the basket and the heating unit may burn and cause smoke to come out of the appliance.

10. You can take advantage of new functions if you follow the updates to the application and your robot and ensure that your device is in the latest version.

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