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Wiami FX-7
Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

fx7 1.png

One-Button Cleaning Enjoyment Thanks to Remote Control Support

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Fx-7 is not Wi-Fi connection, but remote 
Easy to use with keys


Works Without Wi-Fi Support


Both Erases and Sweeps

With its separate dust and water tank chambers, it can sweep if you wish.

fx7alt beyaz.png

Height Detection Sensors

Side Brush

Ground Scan Sensor

Ground Scan Sensor

Side Brush


Average Power: 28 W
Suction Power: 2200 Pa
Powder Tank Capacity: 500 ml
Water Tank Capacity: 300 ml
Filter Type: HEPA
Remote control


Charging Time: 4 hours
Battery Capacity: 14.4V, 2600mAh Lithium battery
Cleaning Area: 140-180 m2 depending on the mode of operation
Working Time: 80-140 minutes depending on the mode it works
Sound Power Level: 62-70 dB depending on the mode it works
Climbing Feature: 15° - 20mm


3 Ground Scanning Sensors - 2 Anti-Collision Sensors
6 x Charging Station Docking Sensors - 1 x Gyroscope
11 Wall Tracking Sensors - 1 Fan Speed Sensor
1 Piece Chamber Sensor  - 2 Pieces Odometer


Engine Stages: Low, Auto, High
Saving cleaning data

yedek parça.png

Robot Size: 330.5 x 329 x 70.2 mm
Robot Weight: 2.35 kg
Charging Station Size: 145 x 140 x 98 mm
Color Options: White - Black

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